WalkOn Foot Care


Intent  Increase capacity of individuals & organizations to care for feet.


Walk0n designs, implements and delivers evidence based Nursing foot care services to meet the wholistic [1] needs of clients and organizations located in harder to reach communities.

[1] The spelling ‘wholistic’ is intentional. “Wholistic describes the Aboriginal philosophy in which everything is related by virtue of shared origins and in which, by extension, the human being is considered an entire whole; that is mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally as an individual, with one’s family and extended family, one’s people, and with the cosmos in sacred relationship” (Chinn & Kramer, and McLain). 

Infection Prevention and Control

Infection control is always a priority at WalkOn Foot Care, a medical clinic owned and operated by a Registered Nurse who adheres to strict infection control criteria that include:

  • Right Environment & Medical Facility Design
  • Right Provider, Registered Nurse with a Foot Care Specialization
    • Hand washing protocol, signage above stations and protocol affords easy access before, during and after treatments
    • Correct choice and use of techniques, instruments and equipment for the least opportunity to harm or cross contaminate.
    • Assessment, Informed Consent & Documentation
  • Adherence to Infection Prevention and Control Procedures & Practices that include: Clinic Cleaning & Disinfection Standard & Processes, and Cleaning & Reprocessing Foot Care Instruments
  • Spaced private appointments allow time required for proper infection control practices and decreases social contact between clients
  • Classes are a maximum of five participants
  • And a recent (2020) addition of providing clients encouragement to wash their hands upon arrival at clinic.

WalkOn’s Infection Prevention and Control Procedures & Practices Manual available to read at clinic.