WalkOn Foot Care


Reducing Risk with Infection Prevention & Control

For Yukon COVI19 updates please link here https://yukon.ca/en/coronavirus-updates  

Infection control is always a priority at WalkOn Foot Care, where strict infection control criteria include:

  • Right Environment & Medical Facility Design (including HEPA air filter and fresh air circulation) 
  • Right Provider, Registered Nurse with a Foot Care Specialization
  • Adherence to Infection Prevention and Control Procedures & Practices that include: Clinic Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Standard & Processes, and Cleaning & Reprocessing Foot Care Instruments
  • Please phone for a pre-assessment. 
  • At clinic you will be asked to remain in car or on deck until a second pre-assessment is completed.
  • Once cleared you will be invited into clinic where you go directly to the hand washing station. At this time a mask is required.
  • Well spaced appointments insure clients do not interface or overlap. During appointment there is only one client and one foot care nurse. Client may bring a pre-cleared provider as needed.

WalkOn’s Infection Prevention and Control Procedures & Practices Manual available to read at clinic.