WalkOn Foot Care


Accessible, Responsive, Advanced Nursing Foot Care

WalkOn Foot Care services are offered at a brand new bright, spacious and private barrier free clinic and training center
with accessible free parking. For service in your community please contact.

At WalkOn clients have an opportunity to slow down and focus on their lower limb and foot health while receiving a preventative and restorative foot care treatment specifically designed to help problem solve and navigate solutions for lower limb health
... in order that you can WalkOn

Where Function and Beauty Meet - Treating Common Foot Problems for Feet that are:

Hard Working
Shy, Funny or Gnarly
Dry & Cracked
In Need for Nourishment & Care
Callused or Corned
Diabetic or Cardiac Diseased
Post Chemotherapy
Pre or Postnatal
Stressed & Sore
Work Worn (duty boots, construction, standers, walkers, dancers, runners, skaters, hikers ...)
In Need of Harm Reduction, Off Loading and/or Referral

Simple things have a difficult life

learn how to make simple functional movements that help your lower limb and feet promote whole health